Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pre-Gaming For Thanksgiving (sike.)

SO the Turkey Day is tomorrow, and I'm sitting in the dorm packing, waiting to load up Rayquanda the Honda and go to work for a couple hours - the only commitment I have had today. And I'm thinking about this whole Thanksgiving business...with the stuffed bellies and the indians and the hand turkeys. This is a really strange concept - it's basically a settler-inspired buffet. And believe me, those of us with fat-kid souls can't turn away from a holiday like this. But it also makes me think of all the friends I have and their families - do they celebrate like the Farley family does? Is there some strange tradition that occurs in their houses that would be silly or amaze me? Basically, the FArley Thanksgiving consists of Dad and Ernie watching The Game, Dad running back and forth between commercial breaks to tend to the food, snd all the ladies drinking coffee and making food and sneaking bites in the kitchen. Also, no Farley family function is without one of my Granny's famous jabs and jibes ( I almost typed jives...heehee..."you is one fly-ass muthafuckah granny!") at whatever we are and are not doing with our lives. At this point, I have my usual homicidal daydream, the best of which was putting arsenic into her tea. But I digress.Then we eat too much, the old kids drink too much as well, we all pass out on the couches and floors in our own little comas, and sleep until we can stomach dessert. Then we watch a movie, and everyone sleeps through it. Welcome to my Thanksgiving! But I'm excited to go home, and I can get a good bit of reading done when I'm not cooking. We're also picking out our Christmas tree and decorating the house for the holidays...prolly cleaning it too. But give me a ring if you need anything or want to talk! And have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Also, head over to I Guess I'm Floating and catch their Thanksgiving/Germany Unity Day/OJ mixes. They're pretty great:
See you guys next week!

Monday, November 20, 2006

To counteract the Emo-ity of my Sad Bastard Mix...


Less wordage than the sad bastard, but that's for my own sanity and also because I have had too much caffeine to stay in one mode for too long.

- Decemberists - July, July! (Never seemed so strange.)
- Beck - Hell Yes (HELL YES.)
- Regina Spektor - Folding Chair (I like the summeriness...especially cuz i am wearing two pair of socks to beat the cold.)
- Eric Hutchinson - Rock N Roll (If I wanna rock, I fuckin' ROCK!)
- Los Rodriguez - Milonga del Marinero Y El Capitan (I dunno what he's sayin', but I LIKE IT.)
- Under The Influence Of Giants - Got Nothing (The chorus makes me laugh so hard.)
- Europe - The Final Countdown (GOB. 'Nuff said.)
- Apples In Stereo - Shine A Light (SUPAH-HAPPY!)
- The Hi Lo Trons - Look, Wow (Look...WOW. Look at the pee-ple. I love robots.)
- Sufjan Stevens - The Henney Buggy Band (Probbly the best driving song evah.)
- Rufus Wainwright - I'll Build A Stairway to Paradise (I love him.)
- The Beatles - Got To Get You Into My Life
- The Ides of March - Vehicle (Always, ALWAYS requires a dance break.)

If I could only get you oceanside, to lay your muscles wide, it'd be heavenly...

So I completely forgot to post up the pictures that I took when Becca came back to DE with her buddies. So here goes:

This is a doggie with a baseball cap.

This is Rosary playing in the water like a kiddie.

Rosary posing, almost in a running-man kinda way.

The oft-maligned but super necessary BFF pose.

Ooh LA LA.

The sign is much more mysterious than the actual place.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

MyHeritage is fucking craziness...

Ashley Olson?!?!!? Kill me.

So apparently my emo self looks way better than my preferred plain self. Fuck MyHeritage.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You and me at war, at arms, all falling in embrace...

Before I start writing, a musical/visual interlude from the boy who cannot be mine but for whom I will wait forever, Colin Meloy:

It threatened to rain today. The sun rose bright and full this morning, and I shed my coat and shed my skin. Sunny days do little to improve my, give me a dirty, gray mess of a day and I'll revel in it. Those are the best days for walks in the fall - the sunny days blind us to the changing colors of leaves, the tumbling journey they take to the ground. When the day is overcast and dreary, you can see the colors of the leaves against the sky: the yellow, fan-shaped beauties like a golden carpet behind Thompson/Lane, the flame-red bushes burning brightly along the path from Perkins to Memorial. And the squirrels are out and about, busying themselves for a cold, snow-covered, slushy winter. They know what I know - it's perfect to be out on a day full of clouds and wind. So I take the long way to work, stepping slowly and lightly to make the day last. Because we all know, the good things never last long.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The boy from The Class. As a homeschooled little spelling bee participant. Swatch of denim fabric - 10 bucks. Needle and thread - 5 buckaroos. Cat Capes...priceless.

Leaf Coneybear on Being Homeschooled




Thursday, November 02, 2006

Eric Hutchinson Shows Are The BEST

This is one of my videos of Eric Hutchinson's show that I saw with Rachel. It was so amazing - World Cafe Live is connected to WXPN studios, where they do some of the indie NPR live concerts. But the Cafe itself is gorgeous, and you can be there for food, you can be there for the music, you can be there for both. Eric kept telling people to be quiet and let him play (he doesn't take kindly to being ignored - but how can you ignore a man in a Beethoven costume. I'm currently cleaning up the videos and converting them/uploading them/posting them, so there will definitely be more soon. Much luv to Eric! UPDATE: I'VE LOADED ALL THE VIDEOS ONTO MY MYSPACE under Jiggy Stardust. But here are two vids...almost continuous...of a My Girl/Ignition/My Humps Medley he rocked out on. The goofy laugh accompanied with the "said my hummmmps" is yours truly turning all chucklehouse. Good times, good times.

Posted By:Jiggy Stardust*

Get this video and more at

Posted By:Jiggy Stardust*

Get this video and more at

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Come With Usssss...coooome withhh ussssssss.

Oh the lab again. Watching South Park and fretting over whether the UD people have taken my car from me. I don't think they will, but if they do I am gonna be hella pissed. My tummy is growling like it's my biznass. And there is a guy sitting next to me and I know he can hear the growling but there's nothing I can do about it so I guess I'm hella screwed. BRB. Oh man I just made a friend. How awesome am I?? Pretty awesome. And how much do I want to go home? Pretty much a lot. But I don't think I can go home this weekend, cuz I have too much crap to do here. My room smells like grossness so I think that I'll probably have to clean a lot and spray smell'm'good stuff. But until the weekend I'm going to try to get myself together and do all the reading I've fallen behind on. It's National Novel Writing Month...and you know what that means? Jessie is going to try to write something all the way through...huh? HUH? Yeah? I thought so. I want a puppy or kitten to be my cuddlepuffkins. But I guess it doesn't matter. I'm going to watch Arrested Development and South park and see what the night brings. Nite!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Love the Gay Men...PART 2!

This is a true story from the lab. I haven't been here hardly five minutes when, out of the blue, I hear a little squeak coming from behind me where the printers are. The lab is always humming and buzzing with computer activity, but rarely does it squeak. I ignore the noise, because that is how I avoid offering my assistance to anyone while I'm here. No eye contact. Eyes on computer screen. Look busy. I feel a light tap-tap on my shoulder. I turn, and what do I view but a gorgeous, impeccably-groomed Queen of Sheba. My heart melted: gay men are my kryptonite. I send out a "Can I help you?" and he deftly returns with a "This bitch won't print in color!" He is very right - our printers do not, in fact, print in color. I tell him this, he looks upset. "That ruins my day. No self-respecting gay man can print in black and white." AND THE LOVE IS CEMENTED.